Filming Barry Mansfield Mandurah

I went with a few compadres to Mandurah to film and take a look into Barry Mansfields past. Barry grew up in Mandurah. It was interesting seeing and hearing about the places he used to hang in Mandurah. Aswell as skating around we all went swimming in the river. I interviewed Barry throughout the day and he nailed a few tricks for his segment in the show. Big thanks to Pidge for driving and filming.

Barry and Pidge have a snack before we hit the road.

Barrys list of skate spots in Mandurah

Pidge filming Barry skating at Mandurah Skatepark.

Camera and radiomic.

Skatepark art can be very interesting.

This kid deserved this and he loved it.

Barry dedicated the day to his friend who passed away.

This board is alot of fun.

Barry 5-0 to fakie.

Barry gave this box a good thrashin’

Pidge ready for a swim in the river.

My favourite bumbag badge.

Always time for op shopping. Luke found some treasure.


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  1. Nice one bro. She is coming together nicely.


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