Rained out at the battle for supremacy

The Battle for Supremacy skate competition was meant to be taking place in Darling Harbour this weekend. The course was completely setup and the skaters were there, however  nobody could skate because it was raining! People still tried to shred a few obstacles, but it was too slippery and dangerous. They’re apparently going to hold the comp in a couple of months, so keep a look out for the dates.

It’s been raining everyday since I’ve been back in Sydney and it’s meant to rain for a few more days yet. I’ve still been making the most of everyday and trying to get as much done as possible.  Leo, Lucas and I took the opportunity to catch up with a few of the Aussie skate industries finest.

Sparks and Jaime

Sparks is Analog team manager among many other things.

Lucas interviews sparks about what he does and what he has been upto.

Anthony Mapstone talks about how the whole girl team is touring Aus with Spike Jonze!

We caught up with Jake to find out what he’s been upto.


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One response to “Rained out at the battle for supremacy

  1. Hey just wondering what model your Panasonic camera is in the ‘supremacy’ pictures above^^^^ is it HD and whats its like in terms of using with a fish eye and skate filming?

    thanks 🙂

    p.s: love the idea of this page, i think its great….keep it up 🙂

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