Joe Allen interviewed for skate show.

The new skate show, “This is how we roll” will include a segment in each episode where the audience gets to see what skateboarders of all ability get upto when they’re not on the board.  As well as a skateboarder Joe Allen is an Artist, a gallerist, a publisher and soon to be a father. We started the interview at his radical home in Elizabeth bay. We continued the interview at Monster Children gallery where Joe spoke about many things, including his role at the gallery and the art show currently on exhibition by Daniel Johnston called “Dead Lovers Twisted heart”.

Photos by Leo James

Among many other things Joe spoke about coming into fatherhood, his publishing company and his thoughts on the skate industry.

Joe Allen is interviewed by Lucas at his home in Elizabeth bay

One of the Zines Joe has published under IZROCK.

Joe driving from his house to the Monster Children Gallery in Darlinghurst.

The Daniel Johnston art show is currently being exhibited at MC gallery.

Various issues of Monster Children magazine.

Leo filming the amazing artwork in the exhibition.

Joe, Jaime, Lucas and Leo at MC gallery.

Visit IZROCK.COM to find out more about Joe’s publishing company.



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2 responses to “Joe Allen interviewed for skate show.

  1. Cool man… really cool. Getting excited now. 6 March 2010 nice.

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